Plants adapted to living in dry environments are called a xerophyte. Xerophyte’s include succulents, pineapple, poinsettia, peyote, Barbary Fig, and many others. Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves. They include cactus, aloe, jade plant, agave, yucca, and more. Both agave and yucca are rosette forming plants. Agave generally have sharp spines on… Read More YUCCA


While hiking in the red rock area of Sedona, I spotted these century plants. They are throughout the red rock region in northern Arizona.  They are native in Mexico and the United States, in the states of Arizona and Texas. A century plant is the common name for Agave Americana, which is a Xerophyte. Xerophytes are… Read More CENTURY PLANT


The  cactus of the southwest will bloom in the spring and early summer. I was fortunate to see a few varieties bloom, as of late. These pictures are from desert areas in Arizona.   READ MORE ABOUT CACTUS CACTI (part 1) & CACTI (part 2).