Here is a flower to brighten your winter day! This is a North American aster, the species is called Aster Amelius. They are star shaped lilac wild flowers with dark green leaves, which bloom from July to October. This one was in northern Arizona this past autumn.


Firewheel Blanket Flowers are in the Aster family of flowers. They can  be found in arid, gravelly or sandy areas. They generally flower from April to September.  They are native to northern Mexico and south and central United States. I found this one in July at Picture Canyon in northern Arizona.


Pineywoods Geranium or Purple Geranium are Arizona native perennial plants. This wildflower can be found in mountain meadows, pine forest edges, or riparian wooded areas. They flower from April to September, mainly in the summer months. I found this one in July at the edge of a Ponderosa Pine forest.