Western Bluebirds are thrushes generally found in the western United States. These bluebirds can be found in open fields, or woodlands edges that are coniferous or deciduous. They will generally eat insects or berries. I saw this one at Kachina Wetlands in northern Arizona.


Mountain Bluebirds are thrushes that live in the western part of North America. Found in high elevation, open mountain meadows, and coniferous and deciduous forest areas. They are insect eaters. I photographed this one in northern Arizona.


Mountain bluebirds are striking thrushes found in western North America. They live in high elevation wide open┬ámountain meadows, coniferous and deciduous forest areas. They are turquoise blue with a paler chest and white belly. The females are brownish gray with blue on the rump, tail and wings. Like western bluebirds, the mountain bluebird will nest… Read More THE MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD


The American Robin is a common bird throughout North America. They have a distinct dark orange reddish breast with a dark gray head and back along with a bright yellow beak. They are seen in yards and gardens, as well as woodland and mountain areas. They will fly among trees and hop around on the… Read More AMERICAN ROBIN