To see this wildflower means warm weather is finally coming where I live in northern Arizona. The Desert Paintbrush or Indian Paintbrush, is a wildflower found in desert scrub or woodland areas in western North America. They will bloom from April to August. The flowers are edible, they can range in color from red to… Read More DESERT PAINTBRUSH


Here are some shots from an awesome hike in northern New Mexico. This trail was located between Terrero and Cowles, in the Pecos Wilderness. Read more: WHITE LINED SPHINX MOTH


The Wupatki National Monument is an area with numerous pueblos in north-central Arizona. The elevation varies around 5000-5400 feet. These villages are around 800 years old, left by Anasazi and Sinagua families, who were traders and farmers. You can walk around some of the stark red rock and brick ruins. This stretch of buildings lies… Read More HIGH DESERT PUEBLOS