Red Admirals have black wings, orange bands, and white spots. Widely distributed across warm regions around the world. Found in moist woodland areas. The caterpillar is dark gray with hairs. The host plants are stinging nettle and nectar from overripe fruit or butterfly bushes. These photos are from last summer at the Flagstaff Arboretum.


The Arizona Sister is found from Guatemala and Mexico to the southwestern United States. Similar to the California Sister, except for subtle wing markings and they are generally brighter in their colors. The ventral hindwing of the California has lavender background while the Arizona Sister has blue background, also California has two orange bars on… Read More ARIZONA SISTER


Great Southern White butterflies have a distinct white with black zigzag on the upper edge of their forewing. They can be found along the Gulf, parts of the Southwest and Florida in the United States. Mustard are the host plant for the caterpillar. I  saw these at the Arboretum of Flagstaff in the butterfly house.


Julia Longwing or “Julia” is a butterfly is part of the Brush-footed family of butterflies, they are the only member of its genus. It has long and narrow wings. The Julia can be considered distasteful to predators because the caterpillars they feed on are poisonous passion flowers. Learn more here: JULIA BUTTERFLY. I  saw these at the Arboretum… Read More JULIA LONGWING