The Ottoe Skipper is a species found in prairie, oak scrub, and swampy areas throughout the central parts of southern Canada and the United States. The host plant can be a purple coneflower. The caterpillar will winter in a shelter. Skippers are butterflies with variations such as butterfly-like antennae and moth-like bodies. They are active during… Read More OTTOE SKIPPER


Here is a Common Checkered Skipper that I saw last year. One of the most common skippers, they can be found along roadsides, agricultural fields, and in desert washes throughout most of North America in various regions and elevations. The host plants are mallows, mostly Globemallows.


Skippers are butterflies with a slightly different look. Skippers go through metamorphosis like butterflies and moths. They have some similar characteristics of each as well, they fly by day and have antennae like other butterflies while they have thicker bodies like a moth and stronger wing muscles.  Their colors are usually duller than traditional butterflies. Fiery Skippers… Read More FIERY SKIPPER