The Sharp-shinned hawk is the smallest accipiter in North America, they live in woods and forest edges. They are distinct with long legs, short wings, and very long striped tails. The females are usually larger than the males. Sharp-shinned hawks surprise their prey with acrobatic and agile flight through dense woods. During non-breeding seasons, they can be… Read More SHARP-SHINNED HAWK


Collared Peccary or Javelina is a hoofed mammal with course brown speckled hair, a pig-like nose, short legs, and long sharp canine teeth. The resemble pigs or boars, but they are not. Javelina’s are there own family called Tayassuidae. They usually travel in groups of ten or less. They can be seen in the deserts… Read More COLLARED PECCARY


An American Coot is a water bird with a distinct white bill, red eyes, and greenish lobed feet. They dabble the water surface for food like tadpoles or small fish. They are not ducks, but hang out in water areas with ducks. Here is one in northern Arizona at Sedona Wetlands.