The Gilded Flicker is a large woodpecker that lives in saguaro cactus forests in the North American southwestern deserts. They have a gray face and red mustache, looking similar to the “red-shafted” Northern Flicker, but with yellow wings like the “yellow-shafted” Northern Flicker.  The red is usually a western bird, while the yellow is generally… Read More GILDED FLICKER


The deserts of North America lie between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada range, and extend from southern Idaho and southeast Oregon south into Mexico. The southwest of the United States and northern Mexico is home to many deserts, including the Great Basin, the Sonoran, the Chihuahuan, and the Mojave. In the high desert areas,… Read More DESERT LOVE


The  cactus of the southwest will bloom in the spring and early summer. I was fortunate to see a few varieties bloom, as of late. These pictures are from desert areas in Arizona.   READ MORE ABOUT CACTUS CACTI (part 1) & CACTI (part 2).      

CACTI (part 1)

It is very cool to live in the desert southwest and be introduced to many various xerophytes. These are plants that conserve water and are adapted to arid conditions, they include agaves, yuccas, and cacti. These plants are very different as yuccas and agaves have long fibrous leaves while the cactus generally have sharp leaves… Read More CACTI (part 1)