In the Sedona area of northern Arizona, the layer of red rocks are a sandstone that was deposited about 300 million years ago, in the Permian Period. You can learn more about it here: A RED ROCK AREA. I took these photos in the Village of Oak Creek area, the views are truly vivid and breathtaking.


Hiked Devil’s Bridge Trail, it was full of beautiful sights of the red rock Sedona area. We saw various cactus, yuccas, junipers, and Manzanitas, as we walked along. We climbed some natural stairs to get to the large sandstone bridge. Devil’s Bridge is the largest arch in the Sedona area.


Western Whiptails can be found throughout most of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Habitats can include desert and semi-arid shrubland with sparse vegetation, also open dry forest areas. They live in burrows. Western Whiptails will eat many bugs including spiders, scorpions, butterflies, moths, crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles. I found this one in a… Read More WESTERN WHIPTAIL