Geometer moths and some noctuid moths are called Loopers because the larvae of this insect are lacking two pairs of prolegs in the middle of their body. This makes them hump their backs when crawling. Looper moths are common and widespread. Here are two in my backyard recently.


Ctenuchid Moth’s can be found in meadow or yard areas, they feed on different grasses and use the various grasses or irises as host plants. The caterpillars have multiple tufts of white and yellow, they become adults between May and August. The Ctenuchid Moth of the American southwest has yellow veins on the brown forewings. There are… Read More CTENUCHID MOTH


The White-Lined Sphinx Moth is also known as a hummingbird moth because of the rapid wing movement while they hover over flowers while feeding. Learn more: WHITE LINED SPHINX MOTH  Here is one hovering over a Dianthus.