Calochortus is the genus of lily with three species, Calochortus gunnisonii, Calochortus flexuosus, and Calochortus nuttallii. They are interchangeably called Sego Lily or Mariposa Lily. Learn more here: SEGO LILY. This one is C.gunnisonii, I found in northern Arizona in a high mountain meadow area.  


The Desert Mariposa Lily, also called the Mariposa Tulip or Star Tulip, are blooming in central Arizona. They can be found among various open desert areas in western Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada, or northern Mexico. They are in the Mohave and Sonoran deserts with creosote-brush or pinyon-juniper pines. They stand out because of their… Read More DESERT MARIPOSA LILY