I see Abert Squirrels running around the forest floor and climbing trees, always moving. They seek food all day. Here is one I saw recently in a Ponderosa Pine …   Read about them here in a previous post… ABERT SQUIRREL & PONDEROSA PINES  


Mule Deer are native to western North America. Their name derives from the fact that they have large ears, like a mule, the ears move continuously and independently.  This stocky deer does not run like other deer, but they spring in the air, lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously. Mule Deer eat primarily… Read More MULE DEER


Bighorn sheep are considered a bovid, which is a large hoofed mammal. There are five native species of bovid in North America: American bison, mountain goat, muskox, Dall’s sheep, and bighorn sheep. Bovids have true horns, which are permanent bony outgrowths on the frontal lobe, the horns are hollow and never branched. The bighorn sheep rams… Read More BIGHORN SHEEP