The Plateau Fence Lizard is found in northern and eastern Arizona, in higher elevations of 3000-9000 feet. These lizard’s like open areas where basking is available on wood and rocks in desert scrub, grassland, and woodland ecosystems. These lizards are active mostly in mid-morning and later afternoon. They hibernate in the winter. They eat spiders,… Read More PLATEAU FENCE LIZARD


I saw this short-horned lizard on a recent walk in an Arizona high desert area. Short-horned lizards are small, only about three inches long. They have distinct red spots on their backs and short spines all the way down to their tail. They run around on sand and rocks in Pinyon juniper woodland areas. Ants… Read More SHORT-HORNED LIZARD


The Collared lizard is considered a medium sized lizard, eight to fourteen inches long, with two distinct, black collar markings on the neck, the “collar” does not connect at the throat. Coloration is blue-green with faint yellow crossbands and light dots. Males have a blackish-blue stomach and throat. Females are duller and have orange markings… Read More A FEISTY LIZARD