Eastern Fence Lizards have distinct blue on each side of and under their bellies and throat. In Arizona the species is S. undulatus tristichus. Eastern Fence Lizards are found among rotting wood, rocks, and forest edges. They eat many bugs such as ants, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, and worms. Here is one that just caught a grasshopper.


Western Whiptails can be found throughout most of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Habitats can include desert and semi-arid shrubland with sparse vegetation, also open dry forest areas. They live in burrows. Western Whiptails will eat many bugs including spiders, scorpions, butterflies, moths, crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles. I found this one in a… Read More WESTERN WHIPTAIL


A Sagebrush Lizard is usually found in altitudes from 500 to 10,500 feet, in the western part of the United States. Their name comes from sagebrush plants that they are commonly found. They can also be found in pinon-juniper, fir, or redwood woodlands. They are diurnal, and move around quickly. If frightened they will hide… Read More SAGEBRUSH LIZARD


The Plateau Fence Lizard is found in northern and eastern Arizona, in higher elevations of 3000-9000 feet. These lizard’s like open areas where basking is available on wood and rocks in desert scrub, grassland, and woodland ecosystems. These lizards are active mostly in mid-morning and later afternoon. They hibernate in the winter. They eat spiders,… Read More PLATEAU FENCE LIZARD