The White Peacock butterfly has conspicuous eyespots on their blending white, brown, and orange wings. They tend to be in swamp, shoreline, or standing water areas, where it is warm. I saw this one in a warm and humid butterfly house at the Flagstaff Arboretum.


Ctenuchid Moth’s can be found in meadow or yard areas, they feed on different grasses and use the various grasses or irises as host plants. The caterpillars have multiple tufts of white and yellow, they become adults between May and August. The Ctenuchid Moth of the American southwest has yellow veins on the brown forewings. There are… Read More CTENUCHID MOTH


The Hydaspe Fritillary butterfly can be found in western parts of Canada and the United States. Usually in moist mountain meadow and coniferous forest areas, near aspens. The caterpillars feed on violet flowers. Fritillaries produce pheromones, which help them recognize and find potential mates among their own species. I saw this one and others flitting among… Read More HYDASPE FRITILLARY