Great Spangled Fritillaries are common and conspicuous, found in the northern and central U.S. and southern Canada. They are seen in meadow a nd field areas. These fritillary are large with prominent silver spots on underside of hindwing. They feed milkweeds and thistle. The caterpillars eat the leaves of violets.


Geometer moths and some noctuid moths are called Loopers because the larvae of this insect are lacking two pairs of prolegs in the middle of their body. This makes them hump their backs when crawling. Looper moths are common and widespread. Here are two in my backyard recently.


Meadow Fritillaries are a common butterfly in mid and northern parts of the U.S. and very southern Canada. They are found in, you guessed it, meadows or in fields or along streamsides. I saw this Meadow Fritillary in a field in northern Minnesota.