I am happy and relieved when I see honeybees. Honeybees not only make honey, they pollinate crops. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male to female part of the plant, enabling fertilization so plants can grow and produce food. Cross pollination of honeybees around the world helps 30% of food crops and 90%… Read More HONEYBEE


Summer is a busy time for insects, with all the flowers and weeds everywhere. Here are photos of bugs I have observed during some recent walking. More:¬†BUGS ARE COOL      


Thistle is a common name of a perennial or biennial flowering plant with an erect stem and prickley leaves. Most species are considered weeds, they are native to Eurasia, northern Africa and North America. The type of thistle in the photographs, taken in the southwest, are plume thistles. Other common names include New Mexico, bull,… Read More THISTLE AND BEES