Here are some photos from a recent hike, I was in a stretch of Ponderosa Pine forest in northern Arizona. The wildflowers are (clockwise): Tansy Ragwort, Western Blue Flag, Desert Paintbrush, and Silvery Lupine.¬†BENEFITS OF HIKING  


Twisted trees are cool to see while¬†on the hiking trail. What causes these trees to spiral? Referred to as SPIRAL GRAIN, there is no definitive explanation. It is speculated to be caused by various things. A tree growing in a lop-sided way, which can cause nutrient deficiencies in the roots. This could be from growing… Read More TWISTED TREES


Day hikes are an inexpensive and engaging form of exercise. Hiking can also be a way to get together with great people. The experience of letting go of time and immersing oneself in the path and its surrounding can very fascinating. Go prepared and just be in that moment. These are photos from some recent… Read More HIKE MORE