There are various Dark-Eyed Junco sub-species in North America, they include Gray-headed, Oregon, Pink-sided, Slate-colored, and White-winged. They are generally separated regionally, although there is some over-lapping. Dark-Eyed Junco’s are Sparrow’s that are ground feeders, eating thistle or millet, under bird feeders or on platform type feeders. Here are three of the sub-species, Oregon, Slate-sided, and… Read More DARK-EYED JUNCOS


    Here are a couple sub-species of Dark-Eyed Juncos, perching and facing the sun in my yard. All Dark-Eyed Juncos are known to be ground feeders, eating millet or thistle under bird feeders or on a platform feeder. We have many in our yard that use our reach up feeder, as well as foraging… Read More PERCHING