The Desert Bell is a native annual flowering herb. It grows in open desert mountain areas with sand or gravel up to 5200′. Primarily the Mojave or Sonoran desert areas. They bloom in late winter and early spring in these areas. I saw this one in the Arizona Transition Zone, north of Phoenix in early… Read More DESERT BELL


A Fairy Duster is a shrub native to arid grasslands and deserts in the southwest U.S. and Mexico. The flowers appear in late winter and early spring. Fairy Dusters are very unique with their pink stamens.


Cactus Wrens are larger than any other North American Wrens. They have distinguished heavy spotting in their feathers, a reddish cap, and a white supercilium. Cactus Wrens¬†live in arid desert areas in the southwest United States and into Mexico. They can be found among cactus, mesquite, and yuccas. They are the official state bird of… Read More CACTUS WREN