Hedgehog cacti often grow in clusters. They are very spiny and have large flowers. The Engelmann Hedgehog cactus has long and multi-colored spines. Named after Dr.George Engelmann, a German-American botanist, who was instrumental in describing flora in western North America in the 1800’s. Also in his name are the Engelmann Oak, Engelmann Spruce, and Engelmann’s Prickly… Read More BLOOMING HEDGEHOG


The  cactus of the southwest will bloom in the spring and early summer. I was fortunate to see a few varieties bloom, as of late. These pictures are from desert areas in Arizona.   READ MORE ABOUT CACTUS CACTI (part 1) & CACTI (part 2).      

CACTI (part 2)

Here are some more cacti I found in various Arizona places. These are all prickly pears, which are well-known as many bear edible fruit, sometimes referred to as cactus fruit, cactus fig, Indian fig, or tuna. Obviously, it must be peeled carefully to remove the small spines on the outer skin before consumption. Plains prickly pear… Read More CACTI (part 2)