The Orange Sulphur is about an inch and half in size with distinct open dots on the underwing. Most in this sulphur family are shades of white, yellow, or orange. They can be found from mountains to deserts, in open spaces. They are also known as Alfalfa butterfly because they are found often around alfalfa fields.… Read More ORANGE SULPHUR


Great Southern White butterflies have a distinct white with black zigzag on the upper edge of their forewing. They can be found along the Gulf, parts of the Southwest and Florida in the United States. Mustard are the host plant for the caterpillar. I  saw these at the Arboretum of Flagstaff in the butterfly house.


Julia Longwing or “Julia” is a butterfly is part of the Brush-footed family of butterflies, they are the only member of its genus. It has long and narrow wings. The Julia can be considered distasteful to predators because the caterpillars they feed on are poisonous passion flowers. Learn more here: JULIA BUTTERFLY. I  saw these at the Arboretum… Read More JULIA LONGWING


Checkered Whites have white wings with gray and black markings, the male wings are more white than marked. Checkered Whites spend their winters in the pupal stage, which is when the caterpillars body transforms to new body in the protective chrysalis. They are an abundant species found in plains, mountains or desert areas. Here is… Read More CHECKERED WHITE