Here are some variances of two butterflies that look a lot alike. Both American Ladies and Painted Ladies are found throughout North America. Both species are salmon colored with black splotches on the top wings. The main difference are prominent markings of the hind wings, the Painted Ladies have four small eyespots, while the American… Read More LADIES


The Arizona Sister is found from Guatemala and Mexico to the southwestern United States. Similar to the California Sister, except for subtle wing markings and they are generally brighter in their colors. The ventral hindwing of the California has lavender background while the Arizona Sister has blue background, also California has two orange bars on… Read More ARIZONA SISTER


Mormon Metalmarks can be found in many habitats including sand dunes, dry and rocky desert washes, and some mountain areas. The caterpillars feed on various buckwheat plants. The adults will nectar on buckwheat flowers, as well as other flowers around them. The adults are brightly patterned. I found this Mormon Metalmark this past summer while… Read More MORMON METALMARK