Here is a comparison of the Acmon Blue and the Melissa Blue butterflies. The Acmon Blue is the most common of the gossamer wing family. They have a row of orange spots along the edge of the hind wing. They are less than an inch in size. These butterflies are found throughout the southwest, although… Read More BLUES


Here is an old photo of a cool Zebra Swallowtail. The wing shape has long tails. They are found in eastern North America- southeast Canada and eastern U.S. Zebra Swallowtails are dramatic flyers, at times called a Kite swallowtail. The caterpillars are green and the host plants are various pawpaws.


The Gray Hairstreak of the most common hairstreaks in North America, although they are found throughout the world. They have a large variety of host and nectar plants, which include peas and mallows. The caterpillar is fuzzy and reddish in color. This one is on a Wild Blue Flax wildflower.