The Gray Hairstreak of the most common hairstreaks in North America, although they are found throughout the world. They have a large variety of host and nectar plants, which include peas and mallows. The caterpillar is fuzzy and reddish in color. This one is on a Wild Blue Flax wildflower.


Red Admirals have black wings, orange bands, and white spots. Widely distributed across warm regions around the world. Found in moist woodland areas. The caterpillar is dark gray with hairs. The host plants are stinging nettle and nectar from overripe fruit or butterfly bushes. These photos are from last summer at the Flagstaff Arboretum.


Variegated Meadowhawk’s are dragonflies that can be found throughout the southern part of Canada, into the United States and Mexico. They are common and widespread, seen around the edges of lakes, ponds, or wetlands. They are active from spring through autumn. I found this Variegated Meadowhawk last summer in northern Arizona.