Flame Skimmers are dragonflies that have distinct red or dark orange color all over their whole body and wings. They are native to western North America, found around water in the warm summer months during the day light hours. Flame Skimmers feed on the midges, mosquitoes, and the nectar from flowers, they are also pollinators… Read More FLAME SKIMMER


Black Widow spiders build webs near entrances of abandoned burrows, outbuildings, or under stones. They seldom leave their webs. These spiders eat small insects or small creatures caught in their web such as mice or lizards. Black Widows are well know for their toxic venom, the venom subdues their prey. They are not inclined to… Read More BLACK WIDOW


I am happy and relieved when I see honeybees. Honeybees not only make honey, they pollinate crops. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male to female part of the plant, enabling fertilization so plants can grow and produce food. Cross pollination of honeybees around the world helps 30% of food crops and 90%… Read More HONEYBEE