There are about 3,400 species of spiders in North America, north of Mexico and about  40,000 worldwide. The fishing spider is from the genus Dolomedes, there are over a hundred Dolomedes species worldwide. Fishing spiders are found near water or in wooded areas. These spiders are generally more active in summer, the females are larger… Read More FISHING SPIDER


Tachinids or Tachina flies are a large and diverse family of true flies. True flies are flies that have two sets of wings. One pair to fly and the other pair modified to club-like organs used to balance, called halteres. Tachina flies vary widely in body shape and colors, but all have distinct bristles. They… Read More TACHINIDS


Beetles are the largest order in the animal kingdom. There are about 350 thousand species worldwide, in North America there are about 25 thousand. One family of beetles are Coccinellidae, which include ladybugs, also called ladybirds or lady beetles. They all have dome-shaped bodies with six legs. Markings can vary, some have spots and stripes,… Read More LADY BEETLES