The Praying Mantis is a common species found in the U.S. and Canada in North America, they are native to Europe. There are over 2,300 species worldwide and 20 in North America. They are voracious hunters that camouflage themselves to get their prey. They attack and eat other various large and small insects including beetles,… Read More MANTIS


Ground Beetles are a common and widespread beetle throughout Canada and the United States. They can be found in many habitats including wetlands, forests, desert, and under rocks, leaf litter, or bark. They have forelegs adapted for dirt digging, for hunting other insects or small animals. Ground Beetles adults are nocturnal and are attracted to lights. There… Read More GROUND BEETLE


The name Pleasing Fungus Beetle derived as they are generally found where various fungi are present. There are many varieties of them, this one is a Gibbifer Californicus species. I found this one in a higher elevation rock forest area where there were many dead trees and various mushrooms present.