The Pandora Moth is native in the western United States. They can be found among various pine trees. This moths life cycle takes two years. They lay eggs in early summer, which hatch about two months later. The larvae (or caterpillar) then remain on the tree over winter, feeding on the foliage. The following summer… Read More PANDORA MOTH


Field crickets can be found in grassy areas where there is some humidity. They get protection in the grass or leaf letter from night temperatures and wind. They live in holes in the ground or under objects on soil. Field crickets will eat both plant and animal matter. They are beneficial as they are scavengers… Read More FIELD CRICKET


A Warble Fly is not seen too often, yet very conspicuous, as they are large, chunky and¬† hairy. They can vary in color, either black, orange, or yellow. They kind of look like bees. They have white hairs on the underside of their head and thorax. Warble Flies lay their eggs in the forelegs of… Read More WARBLE FLY