Common Black Hawks are found in wooded areas along southwestern streams, mostly in Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas. They nest in tall trees, usually cottonwoods. Black Hawks often perch near the waters edge hunting for frogs, fish, reptiles, or birds. I saw this one at Bubbling Ponds Preserve in northern Arizona.


Great Egret’s are all white with distinguished markings of a yellow bill and black legs. They will forage in shallow water with their long neck extended, moving slowly in search of fish. I saw this Great Egret at the Bubbling Ponds Preserve in northern Arizona.


Here are a couple dragonflies I saw at Bubbling Ponds recently. The Flame Skimmer is a dragonfly of the Southwest, they are native to western North America. Their distinguishing characteristic is dark red-orange body. The females are usually darker than the males. The Blue-Eyed Darner is a common dragonfly in the western United States, spotted… Read More DRAGONFLIES