Here is a Red-Winged Blackbird and a Say’s Phoebe I saw on a morning spring walk. Red-winged Blackbirds live in fresh water areas or open spaces like fields and prairies. The males are glossy black with scarlet and yellow shoulder patches. The female are streaky brown with a paler breast and white eyebrows. Red-Winged Blackbirds… Read More SPRING BIRDS


Towhee’s are from the family of birds Passerellidae, which includes Towhees, American Sparrows, and Juncos. Towhees are seed-eaters. There are eight species of Towhees in North America. Spotted Towhee’s are found in much of the western part of North America. They have very distinct spots on their back and red eyes. This Spotted Towhee was… Read More TOWHEE