An Eastern Phoebe is a small and plump flycatcher with raspy vocalizations and sharp “peep” calls. They wag their tails up and down frequently when perched. They can be found around yards or farms close to woodland areas in the spring and summer.


Blue Jays are found mostly in the eastern two/thirds of the United States and southern parts of Canada, among oak and pine wooded areas, home gardens and feeders.  Blue Jays are a crested jay with distinct white spots on wings and tail, along with a black necklace. They are noisy with harsh and musical sounds, like… Read More BLUE JAY


Here is a Common Raven that I saw while I was in northern Minnesota. They are a bird I never tire of seeing, I have posted photos of them many times and this is my new favorite photo of one. Here are a couple of posts I have written about them here: THE INTELLIGENT RAVEN and RAVENS &… Read More COMMON RAVEN