There are many Carpenter Bees in the world, over 500 different species. They do not live in colonies like bumblebees or honeybees, rather they nest into hard plant material such as dead wood. I believe this species is a California Carpenter Bee, they are found in mountain areas of Oregon and California, along with desert… Read More CARPENTER BEE


Giant Saguaro’s are found on hills, slopes, or plains. They can grow up to 40 feet tall. They reside in Arizona and the Sonoran desert in Mexico. They will bloom white flowers in May and June. Giant Saguaro’s are the Arizona state flower.


Mormon Metalmarks can be found in many habitats including sand dunes, dry and rocky desert washes, and some mountain areas. The caterpillars feed on various buckwheat plants. The adults will nectar on buckwheat flowers, as well as other flowers around them. The adults are brightly patterned. I found this Mormon Metalmark this past summer while… Read More MORMON METALMARK