Banana Yucca’s are water storing plants found in arid conditions. They come from the genus Agave, which are of the family Succulent. They have rigid sharp-tipped leaves and they bloom large white flowers from April to July. This one was in a rocky, high desert, Pinyon-Juniper forest area near the Grand Canyon.


While hiking in the red rock area of Sedona, I spotted these century plants. They are throughout the red rock region in northern Arizona.  They are native in Mexico and the United States, in the states of Arizona and Texas. A century plant is the common name for Agave Americana, which is a Xerophyte. Xerophytes are… Read More CENTURY PLANT

CACTI (part 1)

It is very cool to live in the desert southwest and be introduced to many various xerophytes. These are plants that conserve water and are adapted to arid conditions, they include agaves, yuccas, and cacti. These plants are very different as yuccas and agaves have long fibrous leaves while the cactus generally have sharp leaves… Read More CACTI (part 1)