Here are some hardy flowers in my garden right now. It is still too early here in northern Arizona to plant everything I would like, especially considering we got some snow this week. I took these photos a few days before the snowfall. They are (clockwise) Osteospermum, Marigold, Viola, and Spanish Lavender.


The Desert Bell is a native annual flowering herb. It grows in open desert mountain areas with sand or gravel up to 5200′. Primarily the Mojave or Sonoran desert areas. They bloom in late winter and early spring in these areas. I saw this one in the Arizona Transition Zone, north of Phoenix in early… Read More DESERT BELL


Western Pasqueflowers are native to far western North America, from British Columbia,  Canada south to California and east to Montana. They can be found in gravelly soils on slopes or mountain meadows. Pasqueflowers are of the Buttercup family, the Western have five to seven whitish sepals with 150-200 stamens. Found this one in Oregon.