Queen butterflies live throughout southern North America and into South America, wherever there are milkweeds. They mimic Monarchs, but the main difference is they are darker and have white spots on the forewing tips. The caterpillar is striped blue, green, yellow, white, and brown. They feed on milkweeds and dogbanes. As adults, they nectar on… Read More QUEEN BUTTERFLY


Drone Flies are common throughout most of the world. They are one of the largest and diverse group of bugs with over 5,000 species. A Drone Fly has large, stocky bodies and black marble colored eyes. They have two wings, unlike a honeybee, which have four. They can be found in gardens and fields. They… Read More A DRONE FLY


Here are some variances of two butterflies that look a lot alike. Both American Ladies and Painted Ladies are found throughout North America. Both species are salmon colored with black splotches on the top wings. The main difference are prominent markings of the hind wings, the Painted Ladies have four small eyespots, while the American… Read More LADIES