The White Peacock butterfly has conspicuous eyespots on their blending white, brown, and orange wings. They tend to be in swamp, shoreline, or standing water areas, where it is warm. I saw this one in a warm and humid butterfly house at the Flagstaff Arboretum.


Black Phoebe’s are found predominately in Mexico, and the southwest and California in the United States. They are mostly black with a white belly and white on their wing-bars The immature birds have brownish cinnamon color on their wing-bars instead of the white. Black Phoebe’s can be found in areas that have water and are… Read More BLACK PHOEBE


Sunflowers pop up all over the place each summer, they become more abundant once the monsoon season begins here in northern Arizona. They are widely distributed throughout North America, known as Common, Roadside, or Prairie Sunflowers.  


Tachina Flies are generally larger than a house fly with noticeable bristles. There are  many known species in this family of True Flies, over 8,200 worldwide and over 1,300 in North America. Learn more here: TACHINIDS I saw this and others in northern Arizona in a Ponderosa Pine forest area, it is called a Beelike Tachinid Fly.