Hello. My vision with this sight is to post some photos and give a little bit of information, like a random field guide. My hope is to inspire you to get outside and check things out for yourself. I get excited witnessing something new in nature, seeing connections happen and sharing the events. As an advocate for the health of the planet, I believe the first step is to be out in it and then teach about it. This website will feature: flowers, birds, bugs, trees, rocks, mammals, the sky, weather patterns, gardening, ecosystems, natural events, and more. Thanks for checking out my sight and feel free to let me know your thoughts. Sincerely, TZ


12 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Lovely photos and nice subject matter! I appreciate your liking my blog! I take it you are in AZ. I will have to get recommendations from you when I go to the Grand Canyon! I love the southwest too. I will make many trips there.


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