Learn About Composting Day is May 29th. The three basic ingredients to composting are browns, greens, and water. Browns include dead leaves, branches or twigs. Greens include grass clippings, food and veggie waste, including coffee grounds. Adding water helps the compost develop. Stir daily and put newest scraps in the middle to deter odors. Earthworms in compost eat food scraps, which passes through their body and exits the tail end. This recycles the food and organic material into soil called vermicompost, which restores nutrients and stabilizes the soil. Composting food waste helps cut methane in the air. Composting is the coolest recycling to watch real time. The benefits of composting includes: enriching soil, suppression of disease and pests, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers, producing beneficial fungi and bacteria that breaks down matter into nutrient rich material, and reduces landfill emissions. There are many books and blogposts and internet resources to figure out what will work best for you. Here’s an earthworm in my compost.



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