Bee flies can be found throughout southern Canada and the U.S. The adults visit flowers for nectar. The Larva are parasites to some insect larvae such as ants, beetles, bees, caterpillars, or wasps. There are 43 different species of Exoprosopa Bee Flies within North America. Most are found in arid regions, they nectar on flowers, and prefer aster varieties of plants. Here is one on a Pineywoods Geranium in northern Arizona last summer.


2 thoughts on “EXOPROSOPA BEE FLY

  1. I read an excellent book by Thor Hanson recently called Buzz. In it, he maintains that one of the characteristics that define bees is that they are hairy, so they can collect and carry more pollen. This bee fly looks like a bee, but is still a little lacking in the hair department. So that all fits!

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