May 8th of 2021 is World Migratory Bird Day, which celebrates the seasonal movement of birds often north and south along flyway between breeding and wintering grounds. Some birds are obligate, meaning they travel by instinct, the same time every year. Other birds are facultative, which means they migrate more with conditions of the moment, they are more flexible by days or weeks, depending if the weather warm or cold. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 is a United States federal law, enacted in 1916 and implemented in 1918, for the protection of migratory birds between the United States and Canada. This act makes it unlawful to pursue, hunt, capture, kill, or sell any bird, living or dead. This includes feathers, eggs, or nests. There are over 800 protected bird species on the list, which include blackbirds, cardinals, ducks, plovers, robins, ravens, and many others.

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