American Coots are water birds in an order of their own. They have a distinct white bill, red eyes, and greenish lobed feet. Like ducks, they can dabble the water surface for food like tadpoles or small fish. Also they can dive below the water for plant vegetation. They can be found in large flocks by water areas such as ponds or marshes. The American Coots in the photos are at a duck pond in northern Arizona.


3 thoughts on “NOT DUCKS

  1. I love their lobed feet!
    We recently crossed paths with a hunter (!😬) at a large refuge, and my husband asked him if he ever hunted Coots. The man laughed, saying, “No self-respecting duck hunter would be interested in Coots!” All I could think was ‘Good!’ But I was sad for all the other beautiful ducks that are ‘fair game’. 🦆

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