I am happy and relieved when I see honeybees. Honeybees not only make honey, they pollinate crops. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male to female part of the plant, enabling fertilization so plants can grow and produce food. Cross pollination of honeybees around the world helps 30% of food crops and 90% of  flower plants to thrive. Bees also spread seeds, many plants would die off without them doing this.

A colony of honeybees can have tens of thousands of bees. They consist of the Queen, who is the fertile female, there is only one queen. A queen can lay 2,000 eggs per day. Workers are the infertile females, who transfer pollen all day long, they may visit up to 2,000 plants per day. Drones are the males who mate with the queens, they die immediately after mating. A hive is a constant 93 degrees fahrenheit year round.


2 thoughts on “HONEYBEE

  1. Like you I am relieved when I see honey bees anywhere and take note of every plant they love so I can have them here around the house – no bees no food. Bee plant and Russian sage seem to be favorites…salvias too/

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