3 thoughts on “BANANA YUCCA

  1. It interests me that the agave and yucca are in the same family and one is so much hardier than the other..I have a beautiful blue gray agave in the house – she is sprouting babies – but she doesn’t like the cold. I am hoping to plant her outdoors near an adobe wall to see if I can help her make it through the winter… any thoughts on this?

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      1. My guess is that agave also needs protection from the west wind – I say this because my personal observation of the cactus that grow wild here indicate that they prefer a sheltered spot – against stone outcroppings or a wall. Agave are also intolerant of heavy frost… and around here I have seen a few shriveled leaves of a plant poorly placed. What I try to do as a naturalist is to pay close attention to the specific area in which a plant seems to thrive…

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