4 thoughts on “NOT DUCKS

  1. Didn’t know whether to put this in comments or just reply to you. Birdlife around ponds and lakes are seats interesting. Our duck impoundments at our farm have been getting juvenile White Ibis’ the last few years. They show up in June and stay thru August. Always juveniles. I got curious because these are mostly coastal birds. After further study I found out it is fairly common that juveniles can wonder way off course during migrations. Adults take more of a direct course while the youngsters can be all over the place. They have tracked Osprey that do this regularly. Interesting huh?! And this year a hurricane blew in about 6-8 Woodstorks to our Farm. That was so cool. They are huge and fly in slow motion. Beautiful birds. If this helps stout website any you are welcome to copy/ paste to it. Best to you and David!! John

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  2. Ospreys are magnificent birds. I lived on a river once and never tired on seeing them hunt — quite an amazing technique. Great blue herons frequent our local creeks — such stillness and poise. And then there’s the little killdeer — love the broken wing act. Their nests are incredibly hard to spot, so well-camouflaged against the rocks.

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