WESTERN PAINTED TURTLEThe Painted Turtle is native to North America and is the most widespread turtle. The western sub-species is the largest of the painted turtles and are found throughout the western U.S. and Canada. They can be located in ponds, wetlands, flood plains, shallow stream, lakes, and rivers. Western Painted Turtles eat plants and animals, including insects, minnows, snails, or crickets. They are prey to squirrels, raccoons, crows, foxes, and garter snakes. Western Painted Turtles swim underwater and can be found basking in the sun frequently.


  1. Yesterday I went to a wildlife center and saw the biggest slider that I have ever seen. The size of a basket ball s/he came up the edge of her tank, only a few times her size and put her feet on the window as if begging me to set her free – and this at a wildlife center – god what we do to animals in captivity is more than I can bear.

    Painted turtles and sliders took my heart when I was a child – they still have it.

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