Hedgehog cacti often grow in clusters. They are very spiny and have large flowers. The Engelmann Hedgehog cactus has long and multi-colored spines. Named after Dr.George Engelmann, a German-American botanist, who was instrumental in describing flora in western North America in the 1800’s. Also in his name are the Engelmann Oak, Engelmann Spruce, and Engelmann’s Prickly Pear.


4 thoughts on “BLOOMING HEDGEHOG

  1. I just discovered that my hedgehog cactus is going to bloom,. One day no buds,,, and the next small nubbly buds appearing on top. I also have a wild hedgehog cactus that has been blooming – it has beautiul lemony blossoms that appear out of its sides.

    Beautiful picture!

    Are they near your house?

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