Sedona, Arizona is one of those unique places that many people seek out in their travels. It is a desert town surrounded by red rock buttes, slopes, cliffs, and canyons with steep walls, many trees, and Oak Creek just to the north. The layer of red rocks are reddish sandstone that was deposited in the area about 300 million years ago. In geology, this sandstone is part of the Supai group and the specific layer is called Schnebly Hill formation. These photos are from recent visits.


2 thoughts on “A RED ROCK AREA

  1. I love that red rock… we have it here too in Abiquiu country. I will never get used to it. One day I took some baggies and collected red, green, buff, ochre, orange, and brown dirt. There were more colors than I had bags for! What I remember about Sedona was that it was ALL red – stunning – is that really true or has my memory deceived me?

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