Considered the rat of the bird world, you see rock pigeons (also known as rock dove or domestic pigeon), all over the place, especially residential areas. They were introduced to North America from Europe in the early 1600’s, as captive pigeons for food consumption. Rock pigeons are famous for the cooing noise they make and the poop they leave everywhere they go.

Rock pigeons have a white rump, two black wing bars, and a dark tail band. They vary in color from gray to white to black, all have iridescent neck feathers. They live on food waste and bird seed. This is one of the many that have visited my yard.


2 thoughts on “ROCK PIGEONS

  1. I personally am very fond of pigeons – unlike most people I love their cooing and the fact that they are so beautiful. I have had one of their relatives for 24 years – another imported “trash bird” – and he is dear to my heart waking us every morning at dawn. My dogs leap out of bed “knowing” it’s time to get up! Collared doves like Lily are imported because they are great parents to any offspring –
    I’m wondering about pigeons though. Weren’t they also imported as homing birds???
    Pigeons are VERY bright – a fact that escapes most people!

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