Here is an old poem written by D.H.Lawrence


When I hear somebody complain of being lonely, 

or in American, lonesome

I really wonder and wonder what they mean. 


Do they mean they are a great deal alone?


But what is lovelier than to be alone?

escaping the petrol fumes of human conversation

and the exhaust-smell of people

and be alone!


Be alone, and feel the trees silently growing.

Be alone, and see the moonlight outside, white and busy and silent.

Be quite alone, and feel the living cosmos softly rocking

soothing and restoring and healing.

Soothed, restored and healed

when I am alone with the silent great cosmos

and there is no grating of people with their presences gnawing

at the stillness of the air.

8 thoughts on “BE ALONE

  1. So many of us fear being alone, as if it’s some failing on our part that we’re not with others. Aloneness is an all-too-rare state of being (especially when we can be digitally connected 24/17) — but it’s a state I relish. Thanks for posting this reminder of how valuable it can be.

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