Diving ducks feed by diving beneath the surface of the water. Unlike dabblers that feed mainly on the surface of the water. The Common Goldeneye has a the distinguishing mark of a large round spot before its eye. They have green heads, a white body, and a black back. The females have a brown head, a white wring around the neck, and a gray body. Common Goldeneye’s can be found around fresh and salt water lakes, rivers, or bays throughout much of the United States in winter and Canada in the summer. They eat fish and fish eggs, along with insects, some seeds and tubers. They are fast flyers, clocked up to 40 MPH.

Ring-necked ducks get the name from the hard-to-see chestnut collar on its black neck. The most distinct markings though are the vertical white mark before the wing and two white rings on the bill. The females have the same rings on the beak, but their bodies are dark brown. They are generally found in the northern parts of North America in the summer and the southern parts in winter by freshwater regions such as ponds, rivers, or bays. They mostly eat the seeds, leaves, and tubers in aquatic areas, along with clams, snails, and insects.

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