Sparrows are birds that can be hard to identify, as many of them look similar. Here are two common ones you may see as you bird watch.


Vesper Sparrow. The term vesper refers to evening, hence a Vesper Sparrow often sings in the evening twilight, they will also sing in the early morning hours. They are large sparrows found throughout most of North America. They are found in various habitats that include prairies, meadows, grass, sagebrush and pastures. They eat grasses, weeds, grains, and insects. These birds are at risk of being considered threatened, endangered, or a special consideration; because of farming practices which include chemical use, large scale tillage, and early hay harvest.

Song Sparrows are widespread and common, found throughout North America in open habitats such as tidal marsh edges, agricultural fields, desert scrub, and forest edges. They eat mostly seeds and fruits. In the summer they will also eat insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, spiders, and worms. The male song sparrow uses his song to attract mates and to defend territories.


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