I often see trash while walking in the woods or along forest edges. It is common trail etiquette while hiking to “Pack It In – Pack It Out”, meaning anything you bring with you, you take out with you. I would include snow play with sleds and skiing with the “Pack It In – Pack It Out” rule. Also, there are fines associated with littering along highways in almost every state in the U.S. I’ve never understood why anyone would throw garbage on the ground or out a vehicle window, let alone in a place where one is enjoying the great outdoors. I’m sure some of the debris is blown in from other places, but still, someone pitched it out in the first place. Please! Take your trash with you, do not throw it out for someone else to pick up. Pass this knowledge on to others who may not know any better… Also, thanks to all of you that pick up litter when you see it. You are very much appreciated.


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