The American three-toed woodpecker is a tree climber in coniferous forests. They are normal residents of the Boreal forest in Canada or high elevation areas in the western United States. They will move south from Canada or to lower elevations in winter. The distinguishing characteristics of this bird are not only that they have three toes, but that they have barred sides. The male American three-toed woodpecker has a yellow cap on his head, while the females lack this cap. They eat mostly beetles, but will also consume fruit, and sap. I came across two of these birds flying from tree to tree in a high elevation forest area.

The Boreal Forest (Canada) or Taiga Forest (Russia) is the world’s largest land based biome, with mostly pines, spruces, and larch trees. This forest is found throughout high northern latitudes. In North America it includes most of inland Canada, Alaska, and the northern continental United States.

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