The American Robin is a common bird throughout North America. They have a distinct dark orange reddish breast with a dark gray head and back along with a bright yellow beak. They are seen in yards and gardens, as well as woodland and mountain areas. They will fly among trees and hop around on the ground looking for worms. In the spring and summer months, they eat food depending on the time of day, preferring earthworms or insects in the morning and fruit varieties later in the day. They will eat more fruit any time in the fall and winter, while roosting in trees, often in large flocks. In the spring they seek more worms on the ground and form pairs for mating. They are often associated with the spring because they are out of the trees more. On a recent morning, I saw this robin at the woods edge hopping around on the ground, there were other robins in the area as well, singing in and flying among the trees.


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