Stellar’s Jays are part of the Corvidae family of birds, which also include crows, ravens, jays, nutcrackers, and magpies. Stellar’s are crested with dark heads, blue bodies and bright blue patterned wings, they are the only jay with a crest. The inland form have white stripes near the forehead and eye. They are harsh, loud, and distinct with their voices, you usually know when they are around. The Stellar’s are amazing imitators of squirrels, dogs, and mechanical objects. They can be found in coniferous forests and coastal areas. I see these birds deep in the woods, near pond areas, even in my yard once in a while.

Steller’s Jays were discovered in 1741 by Georg Steller, a naturalist on a Russian explorer’s ship while on an Alaskan island. His other discoveries were the Steller’s sea lion and Steller’s Sea-Eagle.

3 thoughts on “STELLAR’S JAY

  1. I have only seen a couple of these since I have been living in Abiquiu but they are gorgeous! In the northeast we have blue jays that are very common and know how to work my feeders! They have crests and gather in flocks chasing the little birds away except for the mighty cardinal.

    The western scrub jay is more common in this area and I enjoy watching these two… they have been absent for most of the winter here.

    Your photos are beautiful!


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